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Ok, so I have a blog now called, and since I am so bad at posting anything at all in either (a problem I am working on) I think I'll just copy posts from there to here verbatim, so here's the latest post from 1337motif.


I don't know if this is interesting to anyone but me, but if I only post on here when I have something incredibly fascinating to say, I'll never end up posting anything, so here goes. For the past several months, woodworking has been essentially my only creative outlet, and I have really been enjoying getting to make some things that I have designed myself (not that making furniture with/for my dad's business isn't satisfying, but making my own stuff is really cool). It started with the Tetris shelves, and since then I have turned a couple of bowls on the lathe, and for Christmas, I made a table that was commissioned by a friend for her husband. The bowls, while very nice, are not terribly exciting, but the table is another story. A friend called a couple of months ago asking if I could make something like this for her husband for Christmas. I thought it was an awesome concept, but since the thing is going to be a table 99% of the time, I figured I ought to spruce it up a bit. This is what I ended up with.


The table is made of ash with kingwood (Brazilian rosewood) plugs for accents. I had always wanted to try bending wood, so since I basically had total artistic licence on this piece, I figured I would give it a shot. I used a piece of PVC pipe, some old garden hose, a couple of Pizza Express cups to cap the ends, and my mom's old pressure cooker to make the steam box, and after about half an hour of steaming per piece, I was able to bend the wood around a mold and clamp it in place. Once it cooled, it held its shape. It was really cool how easy it was to bend the wood when it was all hot and wet. As with the original design, the table top and center support come out in order to protect the user from intruders or zombies or whatever.

Bat and Shield!  Viva Safety!

Here you can see that even my hairy behemoth of a brother is made more intimidating with the addition of the bat and shield.
Defensive Mode

HAVE AT YOU!!!!11one1!

Here are a few detail shots from various angles...




And another view of the table as a whole.


I swear I am going to eventually start posting things besides woodworking (I know at least three people that will be psyched!), but for now, this will have to do.
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