captn_sideburns (captn_sideburns) wrote,

Triforce Update!

I am almost done with the first set of 5 triforce cutting boards, and I have to say, they are looking pretty sweet. They are taking quite a bit longer than I expected them to, but I am still pretty stoked about them. Here's a picture of them about an hour before I stopped working on them today (plus a glimpse at part of our workshop...exciting, no?).

These are going to be totally awesome when they are done, and I am jealous of those of you that get the first several copies (I'm sure I'll make one for myself eventually, but I've got some other sweet ideas, and seriously, how many cutting boards does one man need). As usual, interested parties should contact me at cameron at 1337motif dot com.
Tags: geekdom, woodworking

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